Sandra has been a resident of the West Englewood community ever since 2001. She and her family moved to this community as entrepreneurs, owning four rental properties, providing affordable housing to families. Sandra was encouraged to run for Alderman in the 15th Ward. She made this attempt several times, because there remained a need for good leadership.

Sandra has spent most of her life serving and caring for the wellbeing of others. She has been a part of street outreach with her husband for the past twenty years. Sandra is known for cooking for the homeless shelters and bringing homeless women into her home to stabilize them. She is a part of the women’s ministry at her church, that visits women at Cook County jail, providing them with bible study, prayer, and moral support. Sandra has a great interest in building young women. She meets with groups of women in her home, where she teaches the bible, parenting skills, and discusses everyday life issues. Sandra has served as local school council president, a high school basketball and softball coach, and has worked as a security officer for the Chicago Public Schools. Sandra is skilled in providing grief counseling, relationship counseling, as well as substance abuse counseling. She is qualified to co-facilitate peace circles and provide research data, all skills in which she acquired during and while completing her master’s degree in social work at a Chicago Charter High School in the West Lawndale community.


As a citizen, a social worker, a veteran who has served her country, and a human being, Sandra feels compelled to step up and provide transparent leadership to the City of Chicago. Sandra is a born leader! Sandra is able and willing to provide leadership to the City of Chicago, the city in which she was born. Sandra has built lifelong relationships ever since childhood, where she has exhibited honesty, steadfastness, integrity, and  has imparted into others around her the spirit of hope.

Sandra does realize that this is going to be a very hard task, and she understands that it will take the good honest counsel of many Chicagoans to help mend, repair, heal, and sustain our city for the long haul. So please take a good look at Sandra and consider her for your next Mayor of the City of Chicago.