Homeless woman on Madison and Kedzie in doorway of a business sleep, with her toes rotted out.  This is Unacceptable

 Homeless Man on  42nd Place and Western Ave  coming to his home for the night to rest.  Homeless Man on 47th and Western Ave, on the Home Depot steps, asleep.      Homeless Man on 63rd st  and Western Ave, asleep standing up with all his belongings.    Homeless Man on 42nd Place, and Western Ave preparing for bed in the doorway of an auto mechanic shop entrance.  This gentleman and others were gathering here for the night and had to be promptly removed come early morning.   Homeless Man located right outside the Thompson Center Building in Chicago’s downtown area. He had laid there for hours as countless people passed him swiftly and while others stood beside him , awaiting for the bus to arrive. There must be a greater level of care bestowed upon every resident of the city of Chicago, inclusive  to every ethnic group, gender, and financial bracket.